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Hi there, I’m Cristina Mackey, the creator of the Mackey Body app. My fitness journey started over 10 years ago, which is when I discovered my passion for fitness. This led to me enrolling in college to get my Bachelor's in Kinesiology. After years of personal fitness experience and having transformed 800+ lives, I’ve put together one of my proudest works yet, the Mackey Body app, designed to guide women like you to achieve their fitness goals sustainably and within a supportive community. My motto? Empowering you to reach your goals without giving up life's pleasures. Join me and the rest of the Mackey Body community on this transformative journey together inside the Mackey Body app. See you inside


Mackey Body Challenge

Program Overview

Ready to hit the summer with your best bikini ready shape yet? Join the Mackeybody Summer Fine Challenge, starting April 15th, 2024! This 6-week journey is your ticket to smashing your summer fitness goals with a mix of strength training and high-intensity fat burning circuits. Transform your body and mindset, stepping into the summer, summer time fine!

Mackey Booty

8wk Program | V.1

Program Overview

Looking to transform your booty in just 8 weeks? The Mackey Booty V.1 Program is here to help you build, shape, and transform your glutes! This program is packed with booty-building workouts that focus on both strength and booty sculpting . You'll learn how to effectively work your legs and glutes, ensuring you not only see results now but also know how to maintain them. Get ready to expand your fitness knowledge and achieve the booty of your dreams with the Mackey Booty Program!

Mackey Booty

8wk Program | V.2

Program Overview

With the Mackey Booty V.2 Program, expect to see your booty lifted, toned, and transformed. Over 8 weeks, you'll develop not just muscle strength but also a better understanding of advance glute-building techniques. Each session, lasting about 50-60 minutes, designed to make every minute count towards building a stronger, more shapely booty.

Abs Paddle Training

4wk Program

Program Overview

The Mackeybody Abs Paddle Training 4-week Program, design for toned abs and a stronger core. This program combines targeted ab exercises with the Mackey Body abs paddle training techniques to sculpt and define your midsection. Perfect for those looking to enhance their core strength and achieve a toned physique, this program promises to transform your abs.

Sexy & Tone

8wk Full Body Program

Program Overview

This program is designed for individuals looking to shed excess fat while maintaining muscle mass for a tone and lead physique. It combines high-intensity workouts with a focus on cardiovascular fitness and fat burning circuits. Perfect for a transformation that highlights a lean, toned and fit look.

Sexy Abs

Made at Home

Program Overview

The Sexy Abs Made at Home program is a 4-week abs & core program designed to sculpt and strengthen your core from the comfort of your home. This program is perfect for anyone looking to achieve defined abs through targeted, effective workouts that can be done at home. Prepare to transform your core and flaunt your sexy abs with this home abs program


Results Driven Workouts

Mackey Body delivers workouts that drive results, offering a variety of training plans tailored to your needs. Achieve consistent progress with our dynamic exercises that you can do anywhere, with or without equipment, ensuring you never hit a plateau.


Custom Nutrition, Simplified.

Mackey Body revolutionizes nutritional tracking. Enjoy your favorite foods while adhering to your nutritional goals. Simply select the foods you crave, and the app intelligently manages the rest, calculating your ideal portion sizes to align with your personalized macro objectives, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dietary experience.


Personalized Workout Schedule

Get a personalized workout schedule with the Mackey Body app, where you can set and track your fitness achievements weekly. This feature helps keep you committed and on track towards your personal health and fitness milestones.


Women Supporting Women!

Join a network of empowering women on the Mackey Body app, fostering a supportive environment where members motivate and uplift each other. Our exclusive community ensures a safe space for every member to share, learn, and grow on their fitness journey.

Erica B

Mackeybody changed my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without this program, 6 kilos down and 38 cm lost. I can't wait to do more challenges in the future and hit my goal weight!

Queena J.

These 6 weeks mean so much to me. I have finally started over and started to feel better. My journey has just begun but I have learned 3 really important things already. Surround yourself with the right people. Don't expect success without putting in any effort. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. It will never come. Start today, push yourself and you will thank yourself later. Thanks Cristina and the Mackey Body Team

Kayla B.

This is just the start! it was hard to move at the beginning, but with determination, perseverance and a lot of tears, I made it through and did every single workout... I'm so proud of myself. The changes are extreme and I'm so excited for the next challenge. A total of 20lbs down.

Cristina P.

The Sexy & Tone program was perfect for me because it was just the right length that I stayed super motivated the whole time and didn't lose sight of my goals! The app made it so easy to follow my training guide and also had the flexibility to swap my days around to what suits me! Great job to Cristina and the Mackey Body Team

Crystal J.

I have lost 15 lbs and 19cm off my waist. I am stronger and fitter than l've ever been. And on a mental note so much happier! Thanks to Mackeybody and all the ladies in the community for keeping me motivated through the tough times

Niam J

“This app has so many realistic features, from workout customization to nutritional tracking, all tailored to my busy schedule. It’s transformed my daily routine, making health and fitness both accessible and enjoyable. and the amazing Mackey Body community always there to keep me going when I get lazy! haha!”


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“Extremely handy and super effective! I’ve tried numerous apps with little success, yet this one stands out and keeps me engaged. More motivated than ever for my fitness journey. Definitely worth it! Go ahead, give it a try!”

Erica B.

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“This app uniquely offers a complete breakdown of workouts, meal plans, and nutritional details (calories, carbs, proteins, etc.). It’s like a 3-in-1 app, absolutely ideal... It takes care of all the details, making it really easy to start and maintain progress!”

Kayla B.

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“Just a while back, my phone was cluttered with various fitness apps. After trying numerous ones, none resonated like this one. This app was so effective that I discontinued and cancelled subscriptions for all the others.”

keisha J.

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“Incredibly intuitive and life-changing! This app has been a game-changer for my workout routine, offering a seamless experience that’s both fun and effective. It’s a must-have for anyone serious about fitness.”

Joyce J.

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“Finally, an app that truly understands the fitness journey! It offers detailed workout plans and calculates my macros for me in a way that fit perfectly into my busy schedule. It's like having Cristina as my personal trainer and nutritionist in my pocket!. Thank you girl!”

Queen J.

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“I was skeptical about fitness apps until I tried this one. Its user friendly approach to health and fitness has been a game changer in my fitness journey, making every session enjoyable and productive. No more guesswork and lazy workouts!”

Jiyan H.

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“This app has so many realistic features, from workout customization to nutritional tracking, all tailored to my busy schedule. It’s transformed my daily routine, making health and fitness both accessible and enjoyable. and the amazing Mackey Body community always there to keep me going when I get lazy! haha!”

Niam J.

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“Very user-friendly, this app has everything I need to stay on track with my fitness goals. There's a program in there for any goal, for both gym and home . It forced me to workout and no make any excuses, because of the different options to gives you! Thanks Cristina!”

Andrea D.

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“Man, the workouts in this app are unlike any I've ever tried! The booty programs are killer, and the app is so simple and easy to use!.”

Danile N.

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